2014 / Tohoku Disaster / Tour from LA to attend memorial concert in Miyako, Mar 11

Miyako Memorial Concert 2014 March 11

Classic music groups in tsunami-stricken Miyako city, Iwate prefecture, presents the March 11 Memorial Concert at a shopping mall in the city.

Led by Mr. Keiichi Umemura of Miyako Violin and Piano School, his students, the music club of Miyako High School, and Grazia ensemble will perform the following programs:

Ave Maria


Pachelbel’s Canon

Air on G String



By Miyako High School Music Club

Amazing Grace

Yureizu Map

Sen no kaze ni natte (Do not stand at my grave and weep)

Venue: Marine Coop DORA (Iwate Cooperative Store) at 2-2-1 Koyamada, Miyako city, Iwate prefecture.  

Time: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm. Door open at 6:00 pm.

Cultural News is organizing a tour from Los Angeles to attend the March 11 Memorial Concert in Miyako. For more information, contact Shige Higashi, editor and publisher, at (213) 819-4100 or email higashi@culturalnews.com