Art Gallery Calendar / Yasunari Nakagomi at LA ArtCore in Little Tokyo, July 1 -30

An artwork by Yasunari Nakagomi

LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts, Little Tokyo
120 Judge John Aiso Street, Lobby Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun. 12-5 p.m.  Phone: (213) 617-3274

Yasunari Nakagomi
July 1 – 30, 2017

LA Artcore presents an exhibition of new oil paintings by Tokyo-based artist Yasunari Nakagomi whose renewed investigation of surface conceives of the landscape genre as a product of modernity.

The artist begins a painting applying paint to form an initial image or impression. The initial image precipitates a development and changes continuously with each added layer toward a final and crystalized image.

The final image employs the concept of representation negating illusionistic depth or detail in favor of a paintings’ physical surfaces. Nakagomi’s paintings refer not to a specific landscape but a specific feeling that accrues in the form a landscape.

The artist expresses rumbling ruptures between past and present. Nakagomi was born in the Yamanashi prefecture, a province roughly seventy miles southwest of Tokyo. Yamanashi’s rural culture and varied natural terrains leading down to Mt. Fuji affected the artist’s earliest sensory experiences.

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