2017 / Nisei Week: Tanabata Festival Opening in Little Tokyo / Aug. 18 from 4:40 – 6:30 pm

Los Angeles Tanabata shown in August 2016 (Cultural News Photo)

Los Angeles Tanabata Festival Opening Ceremony
August 18, 2017, 4:40 pm – 6:30 pm

4:40 pm: Yuujou Daiko
4:55 pm: Minyo Station, Scott Nagatani and Nancy Teramura Hayata’s Classic Japanese Dance Group

“Tanabata Happiness” “Yuuyake Koyake”

5:15 pm: Los Angeles Tanabata Festival Chairperson’s Welcome Remarks by Masumi Muya
5:20 pm: Introduction of the VIP guests
5:40 pm: Miyo Station
5:55 pm: Kazari Award – Gail Matsui
6:15 pm: Sake Barrel Breaking Ceremony
6:30 pm: Kazari viewing and Sake tasting
6:35 pm: Ondo by Nancy Hayata and her Classical Dancing Group and music by Minyo Station



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