Cultural News April issue on sale now: Competitor of Cultural News is Cultural News

From: Shige Higashi, Editor & Publisher of Cultural News

Some long time readers of Cultural News’ email say “I do not need to read monthly newspaper Cultural News because I already read email news.” This is a typical answer when I ask them to buy the monthly newspaper for $30 for 12 issues per year.

I realize the competitor of monthly Cultural News is not the Rafu Shimpo but email versions of Cultural News. I like to ask again readers of Cultural News’ email to subscribe monthly Cultural News because I spend 90% of my time for gathering information to edit monthly Cultural News.

If you do not subscribe monthly Cultural News, you will miss the most important information of Cultural News: perspectives of  Japanese art and culture events in Southern California.

Unlike most publications which depend on advertisement revenues, Cultural News is supported by paid subscriptions. Your participation to volunteer subscriber program is vital to continue publishing both monthly Cultural News and email format of Cultural News. Start your subscription now

Cultural News also seeks Editorial Work Support Fund & Next 20 Project Fund

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Subscription to Cultural News

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Amount: $30 for US subscriber

Email Address:__________________________________________

Make check payable to: Cultural News, P.O. Box 48678, Los Angeles, CA 90048

For more information, contact Shige Higashi at or (213) 819-4100.

With Monthly Paper in US: $30 per year
With Monthly PDF in US: $45 per year
With Monthly Paper in World: $40 per year
With Monthly PDF in World: $45 per year

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