Cultural News 2018 May issue on sale: Minneapolis Institute of Art, Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego and more

Cultural News 2018 May Issue in on sale now. It costs $30 per year for 12 issue. For your subscription, visit


Minneapolis museum’s permanent display space for Japanese art is largest in Western world

Petersen Automotive Museum launching two newest exhibitions withe Japanese automaking theme

Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego/ 50 Artists – 50 Fish / Mottainai: Waste Not – Cat Chiu Phillips

Craft & Folk Museum: Bamboo

Los Angeles County Museum of Art / City and Cosmos: The Art of Teotihuacna / Mexico’s international archaeological project co-research director Saburo Sugiyama visits LACMA

Gardena Buddhist Church to inaugurate religious and academic programs for 7th and 8th grade students

Photo album (Page 4 and 5) Rotary Community Peace Conference in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

US-Japan relationship advocator Doizaki awarded with Japan’s medal

Musical Allegiance Essay Series: A talented cast of actors, wonderful script, songs and great use of a simple set

School curriculum to teach social justice through Nisei soldier experiences

Pasadena community event opens windows to gaze traumatic memories of Japanese American

Leading taiko player Kenny Endo to organize summer taiko workshop  in Honolulu

Taiko Events in Arizona and Los Angeles

Samurai sword play at Edgemar Center in Santa Monica

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