Aratani Theatre to showcase Los Angeles-based emerging classical Japanese dance and music artists, Nov. 4 at 2:00PM

Forwarded for Kyo no Kai

“Kyo no Kai” in Los Angeles is an organization founded and headed by Kabuki actor Nakamura Gankyo (aka Bando Hirohichiro).
The mission of Kyo no Kai is to teach and promote various aspects of traditional Japanese culture with the emphasis on the performance art of Kabuki.

U.S. Kabuki Kenkyu Kai presents “Shinsei Kai” (New Stars) event – emerging stars of Japanese arts.  Shisei Kai event is sponsored by UCLA Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies and Toyo Miyatake Studio.

Performance Event
Shisei Kai (新星会)
Sunday, November 4, 2018
2:00 PM –  4:00 PM

Aratani Theatre in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles  (map)
Tickets: $15

Please join us for an unforgettable performance highlighting emerging artists showcasing Japanese arts along with master artists.

Featuring artists:
Nakamura Gankyo (Japanese classical dance)
Kuniharu Yoshida (Shodo)
Walter Nishinaka (Taiko) and Brian Wong (Koto) along with honoring new natori Bando Kyoharumi.

We are joined by master artists: Bando Ai (Japanese classical dance-Tokyo), Masachika Ichikawa (Costumer-Tokyo), Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto (Koto/shamisen-Oakland, Ca).

In addition, there will be a special name taking performance (natori hiro) by Los Angeles local, Cheryl Haruko Ikegami, who will be debuting as Bando Kyoharumi, a title granted by the late tenth headmaster of the Bando School of Japanese classical dance, Bando Mitsugoro.

Further information will be found at and at Instagram: kyonokai.  To contact Kyo no Kai, call (760) 503-5088 or email to

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