2011 Nisei Week / Samurai Armor & Sword Exhibition, Aug 13-14




Nisei Week Sword toshiyuki circa 1800 s Edo Kinko

Tsuba made by Toshiyuki circa 1800’s. (Courtesy of Tetsugendo)Tsuba made by Toshiyuki circa 1800’s. (Courtesy of Tetsugendo)


JACCC, 4th Floor / August 13-14/ 10 am – 5 pm

For the very first time, sword and sword fitting specialist Tetsugendo.com in conjunction with Samurai-Store.com will be presenting a rare display of antique Japanese swords, sword fittings, and handmade armor.

Included in the display will be swords from the 1200’s up to the modern age.

There will also be a rare display of first time seen in public selection of Japanese sword fittings, including such items as a tsuba bearing the forbidden Christian cross (kakure kurisuchan), a work by the famous sword saint Miyamoto Musashi, and many others showing the skill and pride of the craftsmen of Japan.

As an interesting tribute to those that were interned in the camps during the wartime, an actual tanto made in Camp Manzanar in 1943 will be on display (It may be the only one ever made in an internment camp).

This piece is proof that even though they were interned, Japanese Americans did not abandon their culture heritage no matter what situation they were faced with.

For a slight donation, there will also be a chance to try on a Samurai helmet and if time permits, even a chance to try on a whole armor.

In addition to the display, Michael Yamasaki will be doing informal appraisals of Japanese swords and sword fittings for those who wish to bring their items to the exhibition.

Michael Yamasaki was the 2001 All Japan Kantei Nyusatsu (appraisal) champion in Japan at the NBTHK (Japanese sword museum in Tokyo) conference.

He is the only non-Japanese citizen to achieve this award, and in 2008 was almost the first to ever win the competition twice (he placed second missing first place by 5 points).

The exhibitor hopes this exhibition can communicate and share the beauty of nihonto (Japanese Swords) to those that attend the Nisei week celebration by helping gain a deeper appreciation of the art and skill as well as the heritage and historical background involved in the making of these fine edged weapons.

The exhibition will be on August 13 -14, 4th floor of JACCC (Japanese American Cultural & Community Center) located at 244 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

For more information or appointments for appraisal on August 13 or 14, call (818) 572-6320 or e-mail us at info@tetsugendo.com.