Martial arts festival at Redondo Beach Performing Arts, Nov 05

Saturday, November 5, 2011,   12:00PM

Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Tickets: VIP $30, Orchestra $15, Terrace $10

All American Tickets (888) 507-3287

The United States Martial Arts Festival was designed to introduce worldwide martial arts to people in the very diverse community of the Los Angeles area.

It was first organized to great success last year by the United States Martial Arts Committee and the Shin Koyamada Foundation.

This year, the United States Martial Arts Festival 2011 is presented by the Japan Foundation Los Angeles and the United States Martial Arts Committee. This program is supported by the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center of Los Angeles.

On March 11, an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan’s Tohoku region, causing widespread destruction, and international rescue and medical teams went to Japan to support the disaster relief efforts, while citizens of the world opened their hearts to the Japanese during their hour of need.

Therefore, this year’s Martial Arts Festival program focuses on Japan, in order to provide emotional support and a morale boost for the nation.

In the festival venue, there will be displays of many Japanese martial arts beautifully performed by experts.

Panel discussions “BUDO: Why Martial Arts is Needed Today “will be held.

In the lobby area, there will be demonstrations of several Japanese art forms: SADO (Japanese Tea Ceremony), KADO (Japanese flower arrangement), and SHODO (Japanese calligraphy), performed by, respectively, Omotosenke, Sogetsu, and the United States Shodo Association.