2014 / Little Tokyo events to showcase Japanese style of new year celebration, Jan. 01

Oshogtasu in Lillte Tokyo Map 2014

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Foundation present the 16th annual “A Japanese New Year Celebration – Oshogatsu in Little Tokyo” on Wednesday, Jan 1, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles.

Japanese cultural programs for the celebration will be held at Weller Court shopping center located at Second and San Pedro streets, Japanese Village Plaza located between First and Second streets near Central Avenue, and Frances Hashimoto Plaza at south side of Japanese Village Plaza.

Opening ceremony will begin at 10:50 am at Weller Court. From 11:15 am, cultural programs at Weller Court will continue until 3:05 pm.

Weller Court programs include: Kich-off taiko drums at 10:50 am; Opening ceremony with greeting and sake barrel breaking, and LAPD helicopter flyover at 11:00 am; Taiko drum performance at 11:15 am; Shishimai lion dance at 11:25 am; Mochi-maki at 11:35 am; Calligraphy demonstration at 11:40 am; Japanese traditional dance at 11:55 am; Minyo & Odori (folk dance & music) at 12:25 pm; Samurai action show Fujiyama ichiban at 1:10 pm; Shorinji kempo at 1:30 pm; Kendo at 1:50 pm; Kimono fashion show at 2:15 pm; Mochi-maki at 2;30 pm; Awa odori dance, Awa Odori members to lead Weller Court crowd to Japanese Village Plaza for finale at 2:35 pm; and closing at 3:05 pm.

Japanese Village Plaza programs include: Mr. and Miss Kimono LA Contest and koto music at 11:00 am; Taiko drums at 12:00 pm; Opening ceremony with greeting at 12:10 pm; Mochi-maki at 12:25 pm; Taiko drum & Shishimai performance at 12:30 pm; Minyo & Odori at 1:45 pm; Kimono fashion show at 2:45 pm; Awa odroi dance at 3:00 pm; and closing at 3:35 pm.

At Frances Hashimoto Plaza, Nebuta dance performance will be held from 11:00 am through 3:00 pm.

All events are open to public and admission free. For more information, call Japanese Chamber of Commerce at (213) 626-3067.