2014 / Japanese Americans invite public to 2011 Japan disaster memorial in Los Angeles

Love to Nippon 2013

Love to Nippon 2014                                                                                                       

3.11 Anniversary Memorial Event & Request for Support

We, Japan America Society of Southern California (JASSC), Nanka Fukushima Kenjinkai, Nichi-Bei Fujin Kai (NBFK) and Love to Nippon Project (LTNP) humbly request your participation in the Love to Nippon 2014 – 3.11 Anniversary Memorial Event on Saturday, March 8, 2014, starting at 1:00 pm at LAPD Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

People in Los Angeles will never forget the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster in Tohoku, Japan on March 11, 2011. Along the coastline, thousands of people lost their lives with many of the survivors still living in temporary pre-fabricated houses. They are also waiting for their missing loved ones and family members.  It will take a long time before their community-oriented way of life is restored, one filled with smiles and vitality. We would like to ask for your continued prayers and support for the children, the elderly, the farmers, the fishermen and all the people in Tohoku.

Exactly one year after the disaster, first Love to Nippon 2012 took place at the LAPD Headquarters. It was co-presented by Doug Erber, President of JASSC; Masako Unoura, Founder of LOVE TO NIPPON PROJECT and a tsunami survivor.

The participants included Terry Hara from LAPD, Nishi Hongwanji Temple, Higashi Hongwanji Temple, JASSC, Asia America Symphony Association, the LA County Fire Department, Consulate General of Japan Los Angeles, as well as many other presenters, organizations and volunteers.

David Ono, ABC7 news anchor, acted as Master of Ceremonies.   

Love to Nippon 2013 took place again at LAPD Headquarters on March 10, 2013 with a special Interfaith Service by Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Federation (LABTF) and Nikkei Interfaith Fellowship outside area.

Love to Nippon is a community-wide tribute in Los Angeles for loved-ones lost, and for those still suffering from the March 11 catastrophes. This anniversary memorial will be a peaceful commemoration of the disaster where attendees will be encouraged to place flowers or incense in loving remembrance of the victims, families and friends of Tohoku.

We, Love to Nippon Project along with supporters have the following goals:                                    

 1) We will never forget the Great East Japan Earthquakes and Tsunami by meeting and praying every year around 3.11 at LAPD Headquarters for ten years.                                                       

2) We will continue prayers and dialogues among the participants & children, especially to share the lessons learned from 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.                                          

3) We will support efforts to train ourselves for future natural disasters by sharing & educating our community, making 3.11 the official evacuation training day for Southern California.          



Love to Nippon 2014 Committee

Cooperating Organizations

AAJUW(American Association of Japanese University Women), Duke Nomura, City of Commerce Flowers, Fukuhara Inc. Photography, Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department, L.A. Daiku Association, Inc.,                                                

Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Federation(LABTF), Nikkei Interfaith Fellowship, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California, Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California (Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogikai),

Los Angeles Holiness Church, LA Tokyo Kai, Nikkei Choral Federation of Southern California, Pasadena Seminar, Aurora Foundation, Union Church of Los Angeles, Holiness Youth Choir,

Andean Dream Quinoa Products, Global Organization of Leadership & Diversity(GOLD), H2N, Nanka Iwate Kenjinkai, Nanka Miyagi Kenjinkai, Magicbell Communications, Inc,

Marina del Rey Library, ICU Alumni Club of Southern California, Rikkyo University Alumni Association, Ofunato Support Network Center, Walk the Farm, Orange Coast Optimist Club,

Nanka Yamaguchi Kenjinkai, Tanabata Festival, Grateful Crane, Japanese American National Museum, Shadows for Peace, Nisei Week Foundation, Nikkei Games, Games for the Generations,

Japanese Women’s Society of Southern California, Little Tokyo service Center, A Plus Survival Supply, Walk the Farm, Orange Coast Optimist Club, Nanka Yamaguchi Kenjinkai, Tanabata Festival,

Tanaka Farms, American Red Cross in Los Angeles, LANSCA, Grateful Crane, Japan Business Association of Southern California (JBA), and more