2014 / JACCC / On the Veranda / Miso Tasting / April 19

JACCC On Veranda Miso Tasting

From  the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

On the Veranda: Miso Tasting

Saturday, April 19, 1pm – 3pm

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting rice, barley, and/or soybeans with salt .

The result is a thick paste used for sauces and spreads, pickling vegetables or meats, and mixing with dashi soup stock to serve as miso soup called misoshiru, a Japanese culinary staple. 

The workshop by the Miyako Oriental Foods Inc. will have an assortment of miso dishes where guests can enjoy tasting the variety of miso cooking.

Miyako Oriental Foods Inc. was incorporated in 1976 and became the first in the US to manufacture the Japanese miso.

JACCC South Gallery

$25 General Admission JACCC Members $20
Reservations required, Space is limited.