TaikoProject bringing joyful “Rhythmic Relations” to Ford Amphitheatre, July 11, 8PM

TaikoProject: Rhythmic Relations 2010

July 11 (Sunday) 8PM

The Ford Amphitheatre, 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA 90068

Tickets: $40/$35


(323) 461-3673

This program is presented by the Ford Theatre Foundation.

TaikoProject Stroll

Cultural News Photo

The Stroll (2010)  Bryan developed a new opening song for this year’s show because Bombu Taiko’s Queen Lisa told him “Here We Go Now!” was getting old. The new song, The Stroll, is for starting off the Ford show, welcoming the audience and introducing the four TaikoProject family groups: Bombu Taiko, Kitsune Taiko, Loma Pacific Taiko, and TaikoProject. Composed by Bryan Yamami.

Kitsune Seiko

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Seiko (2000) Translated as “Success and Celebration,” Seiko was influenced by Japan’s taiko masters and US’ pioneer taiko groups. Upon reaching one’s goal, you must celebrate. Performed by Kitsune Taiko. Composed by Masato Baba.

TaikoProject Tsuki E

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Tsuki E “To The Moon” (2010) This song is about every boy’s dream of being an astronaut and going to the moon. Masato Baba always wanted to write a song with an Okinawan-scale and opportunity came during the production of TaikoProject’s first album. For Ford show, Yumi Saito choreographed a dance inspired by images of the moon. This dance successfully recreated the atmosphere of Bon Odori at a stage. Performed by TaikoProject. Composed by Masato Baba. Choreography by Yumi Saito.