2014 / LACMA’s annual Japanese art lecture to cover Edo popular art, Dec 7

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The 27th-Annual Michele and Peter Berton Memorial Lecture on Japanese Art

Sunday, December 7, 2014,  3:30 pm

LACMA, Brown Auditorium

Katsuya Hirano, associate professor of history at UCLA, presents “Edo Popular Art in the Age of Great Transformation.”

In this lecture, Professor Hirano addresses why the powerful Tokugawa shogunate of early modern Japan (1603–1868) tried so hard to regulate the popular art of Edo (present-day Tokyo).

Hirano uncovers a logic of politics within Edo’s cultural works—which exposed contradictions between the formal structure of the Tokugawa world and its rapidly transforming realities—by examining objects made by late 18th- to early 19th-century artists and writers that celebrated the culture of play and pleasure associated with street life.

Interweaving art, history, politics, and economics, Professor Hirano offers a novel account of a country in the process of radical transformation—and of the intensely creative culture at the center of it.

Free and open to the public; reservations required. Tickets: (323) 857-6565. Note: RSVP by Monday, December 1.