2015 / Zenshuji Soto Temple to host Buddhism lecture by a dispatched priest from Japan, Sept. 13

Rev Shiju Sakagawa

Sotoshu Specially Dispatched Teacher Rev. Shiju Sakagawa

Zenshuji Soto Temple in Little Tokyo will host a Special Dharma Talk by a dispatched priest, Rev. Shiju Sakagawa from Hokkaido, Japan on Sunday, Sept. 13 at 11:30 am after the 11:00 am Higan-E service.

Rev. Sakagawa’s lecture is entitled, “The Easy Way to Become a Buddha”.

Rev. Sakagawa graduated from Komazawa University and completed training at Soto Head Temple Eiheiji. He has been appointed as a Sotoshu Specially Dispatched Teacher since April 2008. Currently Rev. Sakagawa is a resident priest of Kotokuji Temple in Hokkaido.

Rev. Daigaku Rumme will be visiting Zenshuji for the first time after he left his position as Sokan and he will be translating the lecture from Japanese into English.

It is free to the public and everyone is welcome.

Zenshuji Soto Temple is located at 123 South Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, (213) 624-8658. www.zenshuji.org