2015 / Okinawa Bazaar will take place Oct. 4 in Gardena

OAA Okinawa Bazaar 2015

On Sunday, Oct. 4, 11 am – 4 pm, the Okinawa Association of America will hold the Annual Bazaar at the OAA Center, 16500 S. Western Ave., Gardena 90247.

Parking available in nearby residential areas. Early arrival recommended. Popular food and merchandise items sell out quickly.

This is the only annual festival in L.A. that celebrates Okinawan culture, bringing the community together for an afternoon of delicious food and soulful entertainment.

The OAA, a cultural non-profit organization formed by Okinawan immigrants 100+ years ago, also uses this event as their annual fundraiser.

Food booths will include favorites like andāgī (Okinawan dango), Okinawa soba, and teriyaki combo plates and limited specials like ashitibichi (pig’s feet), rafute (pork belly) sliders and donburi, beni-imo (purple potato) ice cream, and taco rice (literally taco ingredients over rice).

The all-day entertainment program will include Okinawan and Hawai‘ian music/dance, karate demonstrations, and contemporary performances. Guest performers include the El Marino Language School’s 4th grade eisaa (Okinawan drum-dancing) group and The Grateful Crane Ensemble.

Raffle tickets are only $1 with great prizes: $300 grand prize, $200 Amazon gift card, gift basket from Jake Shimabukuro, plus more.

Kids activities include carnival games, drawing/coloring, crafts, and Warabi Eisaa Workshop, where they can make their own Okinawan hand drum (paranku).

For more information, donate, volunteer sign-up, call (310) 532-1929, or email oaamensore@gmail.com, visit oaamensore.org