2016 / A Shinto Shrine to be set on Onizuka Street in Little Tokyo, Jan. 1

Shusse Inari Jinja

Shusse Inari Jinja

Let’s celebrate the New Year as Japanese people do in Japan!!

In Japan, during the first days of the New Year, people visit Shinto Shrines to pray for happiness and good luck in the New Year. There is no Shinto Shrine in Los Angeles, but in 2016, Shusse Inari Jinja from the Izumo Region of Shimane, Japan, will set up a temporary one in Little Tokyo, and hold the “Saitan Sai” Shinto ceremony, which celebrates and prays for happiness in the New Year.

Please come and pray and experience a Japanese-style New Year!!

Also, there will be Shinto goods available to sell such as Good Luck charms, Bamboo Rakes, Decorative Arrows, etc.

“Saitan Sai” is the Shinto ceremony for celebration of the New Year as well as praying for Good luck, happiness, and huge harvests.

Shusse Inari Jinja booth will be set up inside the venue of “Oshogatsu in Little Tokyo”

When: Friday, January 1, 2016

Saitan Sai:   11:30 am – 11:20 am (at the booth)

Sales:          11 am – 3 pm

Where: Onizuka Street in Little Tokyo

Contact: shusseinarijinja@gmail.com