2016 / Phoenix to host 32nd annual Arizona Matsuri event, Feb. 27-28

Arizona Matsuri 2016 Poster Peach Boy
The Arizona Matsuri is an annual festival which celebrate Japanese culture and heritage, traditional and modern. The 32nd Annual Arizona Matsuri will be held on Feb. 27-28 at Heritage & Science Park in Downtown Phoenix.

The family friendly Matsuri is free to all. Japanese food and goods from over 60 vendors are available for purchase and the beer and sake garden is a great place to relax.

There will be a parade beginning at 10 am on Feb. 27 that will end at the Plaza Stage where Consul General Harry Horinouchi will give his opening remarks.

In 2016, the Matsuri has added some new and interesting performers from Japan, including Rakugo which is the Japanese art of storytelling and some expert Kendama performers who will be showing off their talents on stage.

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy with 3 cups and a spike with a ball attached to a string.

There will also be an exciting Ninja theatrical dance performance.

The Matsuri will also kickoff the festival with a traditional Awaodori dance which parades throughout the festival grounds.

The 2016 theme of the Arizona Matsuri is Momotaro or Peach-Boy who is a popular hero of Japanese folklore. www.azmatsuri.org