Cultural News May issue / Editor brings back firsthand stories from Kumamoto

Cultural News 2016 May Issue now available

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Thank you for your patience for waiting the May issue of Cultural News.

Here is the link to open the PDF version of May 2016 issue:

Shige Higashi, Editor & Publisher

I like to deliver the May issue to not only subscribers but also to all mailing list members for free of charge because the necessity of spreading information about the Kumamoto Earthquake.

I would like to express my appreciations to the following people because without their help, I could not meet people in the disaster areas in Kumamoto:

Ken Koshio, Phoenix, Arizona

Harumi Maejime, Scottsdale, Arizona

Masaaki Maya, Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture

Nobuyuki Takeda, Niihama, Ehime prefecture

Yoshihiro Chiba, Ofunato, Iwate prefecture


In Kumamoto

Dr. Kazuhiko Nakahara, Health Art Clinic Kumamoto

Miki Futagoishi, Shinen Kai

Emi Kakinoki, I Am Earth

Noppawan and Toshihiro Iida, Association of Kumamoto Laos Friendship

Kei Fukunaga, Mifune Machi Town Council Member


I also appreciate Kasho Furuya in Yokohama and Eiji Hasegawa aka Eddie Hasset in Morioka for arrangement of Kumamoto report meetings.


2015 – 2017 Cultural News Publishing Campaign

I like to report that I accomplished the $30,000 fundraising by the end of April 2016. I like to express my appreciations to all donors and supporters of Cultural News. The next project is that Cultural News will become non-profit organization.