Miho Museum 2010 Autumn News: Special exhibition to feature medieval Japanese ceramics

Miho Autum Medieval Japanese Ceramics Shigaraki Pot

Small Shigaraki Pot with Fence Pattern, Japan, 15th century, Miho Museum Collection (Courtesy of Miho Museum)

Miho Museum in Shiga Prefecture, Japan


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Autumn Special Exhibition 2010

Ode to Early Pottery: Medieval Japanese Ceramics from the Six Old Kilns Sites and Their Vicinity

September 4 to December 12, 2010

Featured at the autumn special exhibition are pots and jars necessary for storing the five grains (wheat, rice, beans, millet, and foxtail millet) and water in medieval Japan.

The strength and simplicity that can be seen in their forms are one of the great allure of medieval Japanese pottery.

The cherished ceramics of the six old kiln sites have captured the hearts of many. They include the hearty and rustic Tokoname and Echizen wares, the bright and robust Shigaraki, the simple and elegant Tamba with its dripping glaze, the bold and majestic Bizen, and the sole glazed ware, the graceful yet powerful Seto.

Ode to Early Pottery explores these medieval Japanese ceramics and presents an overview through approximately 170 ceramic pieces.

Exemplary works from the six kiln sites will be highlighted together with examples from other nearby kiln sites.

The result of scholarly research on the history of medieval kiln sites, this major ceramic exhibition, the first of its kind in 30 years, will begin at Miho Museum and thereafter travel to four venues throughout Japan.

Miho Autumn Medieval Japanese Ceramics Atsumi Ash

Atsumi Ash Glaze Pot with Autumn Grasses, Japan, 12th century, Keio University Collection, National Treasure (Courtesy of Miho Museum)

Due to popular demand, the special exhibition commemorating the 100th birthday of the founder of Miho Museum, Mihoko Koyama (1910-2003), “Miho Grandama Arte della Luce,” has been extended to the autumn exhibition.