2016 / Tokyo student project seeking interviewees of Japanese American / Japanese families during Aug. 27 – Sept. 3

Forwarded for the University of Tokyo Alumni Association of Southern California

University of Tokyo students seek interviewees of Japanese American / Japanese families

Searching for Japanese-Americans raising children

Three students from the University of Tokyo are searching for Japanese American or Japanese parents who have experience raising children either currently or in the recent past for the filming of a documentary, for a university summer program.

The documentary will focus on gender roles of Japanese Americans, especially on childrearing. We would like to research how they divide their roles on childcare and manage work at the same time. We believe that this will be a clue when we think about the problem of gender roles in America and Japan.

Those interested in this project will be asked to appear in an on-camera interview. The crew will be traveling to Los Angeles to conduct these interviews, from August 27th to September 3rd. Interested participants are kindly requested to be interviewed with their spouse or partner, if possible. Interviews are expected to require a minimum of 1-2 hours. The team will be based in Torrance, Los Angeles, and is willing to travel anywhere within greater Los Angeles to meet interviewees.

This is a non-commercial student film, and unfortunately volunteers cannot be compensated. The complete documentary is expected to run for up to 20 minutes. The documentary will be shown primarily to the University of Tokyo community in a post-program screening, as well as be uploaded online.

If you are interested in contributing to this documentary, please contact the Producer(Taku) at: documentary.losangeles2016@gmail.com


Mariko Fujita, Junior, College of Arts and Science, University of Tokyo

Taku Masamoto, Junior, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo

Truong Trinh Xuan, Senior, PEAK Environmental Sciences, University of Tokyo

The program, designed for students interested in exploring film production and Japanese-American history, is organized by the University of Tokyo Alumni Association of Southern California in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, and in particular Dr. Yuko Itatsu, a USC alumna and Associate Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo.

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