Kyoto Tourist Information for September and October outside of Kyoto City

Kyoto Tourist Information vol. 5 published by Kyoto Tourism Federation

Kyoto Full Moon Party

The party under moon at Shoryuji Castle Park (Courtesy of the Kyoto Toursim Federation)


September 11 (Sat) 18:00 – 20:30

If  Sept 11 would be rain, the alternative date is September 12 (Sun).

Location: Shoryuji Castle Park, 13-1, Shoryuji, Nagaokakyo City

A stage will be set up in the Shoryuji Castle Park, and musical performances, poetry readings, poetry dances, and Japanese dance will be performed. There will be a tea ceremony service.

There recently has been a rapid diversification in types of culture and styles of living, and this festival aims to foster understanding and preservation of traditional arts in the face of a modern atmosphere that offers few opportunities to enjoy art in daily life.

Inquiries: Tel. 075-952-1146

Access: 5-minute walk from Nagaokakyo Station of JR Kyoto Line, or 20-minute walk  from Nagaoka Tenjin Statio of Hankyu Kyoto Line.

Kyoto Chokusai Iwashimizu-sai

Chokusai Iwashimizu-sai Festival (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Chokusai Iwashimizusai Festival

September 15 (Wed) 2:00 am

Location:Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine, 30 Takabo, Yawata, Yawata City

Along with Aoi Matsuri and Kasuga Matsuri, this festival is one of Japan’s three big Imperially-mandated festivals.

Started in 863, this festival involves carrying three Imperial carriages from the inner shrine at the peak of the mountain down to the mountain’s foot. This procession is a re-enactment of Heian Dynasty picture scrolls.

Inquiries:Tel. 075-981-3001

Access:5-minute walk from Otokoyama-sancho Station of cable car which starts from Yawata Station of Keihan Main Line, or 30-minute climb from the foot to the peak of the mountain.

Mito Shrine Festival

September 30 (Thurs) to October 2 (Sat)

Location: Mito Shrine, 89 Mitozaka, Terada, Joyo City

The festival features praying and thanks for good harvests.

September 30 – Shinko-sai ritual

October 1 – the Yudate purification ritual praying for safety will be held at an otabisho (interim lodging for gods) during the night.

October 2 – Kanko-sai ritual

Inquiries: Tel. 0774-53-9870

Access: 15-minute walk from Joyo Station of JR Nara Line or 25 minute walk from

Terada Station of Kintetsu Kyoto Line.

Kyoto Maizuru Fish Festival

Maizuru Fish Festival (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Maizuru Fish Festival

October 3 (Sun)

Location: In the vicinity of the Maizuru Seafood Products Industry Center/ Shimoagu, Aza, Maizuru City

Citizens will participate in various events, such as a fish auction and seafood stew and barbeque parties, to promote the city’s image as a fishing port.

Inquiries: Tel. 0773-75-3275, Maizuru Seafood Products Industry Cooperative

Access: Take Kyoto Kotsu Bus from Nishi-maizuru Station of JR Maizuru Line or KTR Miyazu Line to Hirokoji Station. 10-minute walk

Kyoto Uji Akari Emaki

Kyoto Uji Akari Emaki Festival (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Kyoto Uji Akari Emaki Event

October 9 (Sat) to 11 (holiday) 17:00-21:00

Location: Sawarabi Path (in the vicinity of Ujikami Shrine) and other areas / Uji, Uji City

The event will light up the Tonoshima and Sawarabi Path areas by lanterns.

There will be a light-up event at Ujikami Shrine designated as the World Heritage. The tale of Genji Museum will open until late at night.

Inquiries: Tel. 0774-23-3334, Uji City Tourism Association

Access: 15 minute walk from Uji Station of JR Nara Line or 5 minute walk from Uji Station of Keihan Line

Kyoto Genji Roman Uji Dengaku

Genji Roman 2010 Uji Dengaku Festival (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Genji Roman 2010 Uji Dengaku Matsuri Festival

October 16 (Sat) 17:30-20:00

Location: Nakanoshima area of Uji Koen Park

The dynamic and symmetrical “dengaku” dance is a typical performing art of the Heian Period. The special instrument of dengaku is the binzasara. There are also other instruments such as waist drum, hand drum and flute.

Dengaku troupes used to perform on various occasions such as Uji Rikyu Festival.

Dengaku troupes based in the Shirakawa District of Uji have performed in many areas. This year, a dengaku troupe will march to the Nakanoshima area of Uji Koen Park, playing musical instruments of flute and drums.

There will be an original dengaku performance “Uji Dengaku” at the event’s venue.

Iquiries: Tel. 0774-22-5557, Uji Dengaku Matsuri Execution Committee

Access: 10-minute walk from Uji Station of Keihan Uji Line, or 15-minute walk from Uji Station of JR Nara Line

Kyoto Joyo Cha Festival

Joyo Cha Festival (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Joyo Cha Matsuri Festival

October 17 (Sun)

Location: Arami Shrine, 165 Aramida, Tono, Joyo City

The event will be held to promote Joyo tea products. There will be a tea ceremony and tea serving class in the event. Products made of Joyo tea will be on sale: Tea sponge cake, tea rice crackers, tea soba noodle, tea ice-cream, candies, and more.

Inquiries: Tel. 0774-56-4005, Joyo City Industry Activation Office

Access: 5 minute walk from Nagaike Station of JR Nara Line or 15 minute walk from Tonosho Station of Kintetsu Kyoto Line

Kyoto Red Brick Arts & Craft Maizuru 2010

Red Brick Arts and Crafts Festa in Maizuru 2010 (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Red Brick Arts and Crafts Festa in Maizuru 2010

October 16 (Sat) & 17 (Sun)

Location: Red brick warehouse area at Kitasui, Maizuru City

Various events including an arts and crafts festival and food fair will be held at the red brick warehouse district.

Inquiries: Tel. 0773-66-1019

Access: 15-minute walk from Higashi Maizuru Station of JR Maizuru Line or take Kyoto Kotsu Bus from Higashi Maizuru Station to Shiyakusho-mae stop. 2 minute walk.

Kyoto Chirimen Trail Marugoto Museum Event

Chirimen Trail "Marugoto" Museum Event (Courtesy of the Kyoto Toursim Federdation)

Chirimen Kaido (trail) Marugoto Museum Event

October 24 (Sun)

Location: Areas along the Chirimen Road at Kaya, Yosano-cho, Yosa-gun

Enjoy displays of textile and craft products, special local products’ sale and food fair in the town filled with the atmosphere of the Meiji period. There will be a special viewing of the symbolic Bito Family residence located along the trail. The festive mood evokes nostalgic feelings of old times.

Inquiries: Yosano-cho Tourist Association at Tel. 0772-43-0155

Access: About 10-minute drive from Nodagawa Station of KTR Miyazu Line

Ama no hashidate Two Days March

Ama no hashidate Two Days March (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Ama-no-hashidate Two Day March

September 25 (Sat), 26 (Sun) 8:00-17:00

Location: Miyazu City areas

The event features hikes natural and famous tourist spots of Miyazu City, such as Ama-no-hashidate, over two days.

Kyoto Castle Town Miyazu Light 2010

Lantern Festival of Castle Town Miyazu (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Jyokamachi (Castle Town) Miyazu Nanamangoku Yawarabi 2010

October 8 (Sat) to 10 (Mon) 18:00-21:00

Location: Teramachi district in downtown, Miyazu City

This strolling event features a spectacular view of the town lit-up by around 10,000 plastic bottles and bamboo lanterns. There will be also other events and concession stands in a temple near the site.

Kyoto Tango Kimono Festival

Tango Kimono Festival (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Tango Kimono Festival in Ama-no-hashidate

October 17 (Sun) 10:00-15:00

Location: Ama-no-hashidate, Miyazu City

Let’s take a stroll on the path along Ama-no-hashidate in the autumn colors. There will be various delightful events. Prior applications are required in some events.

Kyoto Ama-no-hashidate Winter Firework

Ama-no-hashidate Winter Fireworks (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Ama-no-hashidate Winter Fireworks

October 24 (Sun) 19:30-20:10

Location: Ama-no-hashidate, Miyazu City

Around 2,000 fireworks spectacularly light up the clear night sky of the autumn.

Rock on seashore in Kyotango City

Rock on seashore in Kyotango City (Courtesy of the Kyoto Tourism Federation)

Kyotango City – Getting the most out of Kyotango’s Natural Surroundings

Kyotango is full of dynamic and beautiful natural surroundings of Mountains, rivers, sea.

Experiencing the great coastlines of the San’in Coastal Geopark, feeling at one with the sea while cruising on a boat, or hiking through the various forests and valleys, visitors will feel the profundity of Kyotango’s rich natural surroundings.