2016 / Japanese sword exhibition to be organized by specialist during Nisei Week Aug. 20-21

Dai-Sho set of Tsuba – Hamano Naoshiro

Dai-Sho set of Tsuba – Hamano Naoshiro

In celebration of the 2016 Nisei Week Japanese Festival, a special exhibition of fine Japanese swords and fittings will be organized by sword specialists Mike Yamasaki, Darin Furukawa and Cyrus Chan.

“Japanese Sword Appraisals & Exhibition” will be held at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in little Tokyo, Aug. 20-21 in Garden room “C”.  Exhibition hours are 10 am -5 pm on Saturday, Aug. 20, 10 am – 3:30 pm on Sunday, Aug. 21.

On display there will be blades from over 700 years ago to present day. A very rare blade owned by the Maeda Clan of the Edo ear will also be on display.

Armor will also be present, and the opportunity to try on the traditionally made armor will be available for both adults and children for $5.

As a courtesy to the community, they will be doing informal appraisals by appointment of Japanese swords, fittings and armor. There will no charge, but donations are welcome.

The team of Yamasaki, Furukawa, and Chan is made up of the curators for “Art of the Samurai” exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from Nov. 1, 2014 – March 1, 2015, and the appraiser used by the number one reality show Pawn Stars.

This year the group will once again provide stunning examples of fine Samurai Art, and hope to show the everyone the beauty of Japanese culture.

To make an appointment for an appraisal, email to: info@tetsugendo.com , or call (323) 680-5813. Donations are greatly appreciated and will be added to the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund.