2016 / Japanese percussion instrument workshop by instructor from Japan, Sept. 10-13

20160904 Japanese percussion instrument workshop

Nonprofit organization Matsutoyo Kai, Inc. will host the Japanese percussion instrument workshop by Mme. Mochizuki Tayafumi from Japan from Sept. 10 – 13 in Gardena and Torrance areas.

This program is supported in part by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.


Workshop for Japanese percussion instruments, basic taiko, tsuzumi and kane

Instructor:  Madame Mochizuki Tayafumi (望月太八文) from Japan

Mme. Tayafumi is the Iemoto (Headmaster) of Kogetsu-Ryu school in Japan. She earned professional name Mochizuki Tayafumi in 1994 after studying under Master Mochizuki Tatsuhachiro.

She also has been awarded natori (professional) name of Kogetsu Kashou after studying minyo dance, nagauta, minyo percussion.

She is currently the Vice President of Minyo Kyokai in Japan, and is married to Japan’s popular recording artist, Shohei Naruse.


Private lesson:  30 minutes for $35

Group lesson:  2 hours for $35


Saturday, September 10 – private lessons starting at 10 am to 3:30 pm in Gardena

Saturday, September 10 – private lessons from 5 pm to 7 pm in North Torrance

Sunday, September 11 – classes upon request  (Gardena)

Monday, September 12 – classes upon request (Gardena)

Tuesday, September 13 – classes upon request (Gardena)


Call:   818-929-3070

Email:  info@matsutoyokai.org