2016 / Japan Foundation Lecture Series: Kabuki Lecture and Demonstration, Nov. 29

Japan Foundation Kabuki Lecture

Japan Foundation Lecture Series

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 7pm

Kabuki Lecture and Demonstration by Mark Oshima & Kiyomoto Nobushizuyoshi

Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theater, but it is also exciting entertainment. Kabuki scholar and singer in the Kiyomoto style of kabuki music, Mark Oshima will explain the appeal of kabuki through his lecture on the history of kabuki, the elements that go into it, as well as a live performance of kabuki music including subtitles of the lyrics. Demonstration featuring the kiyomoto style of shamisen player, Kiyomoto Nobushizuyoshi.

This event is co-hosted by the Japanese American Community Cultural Center.

For reservation and more information about the lectures, please visit www.jflalc.org