2010 / Annual Aurora Benefit Concert to feature Japan’s renowned singer and songwriter Kei Ogla, Oct. 30

Aurora Concert Kei Ogla

Japan’s renowned singer and songwriter Kei Ogla (Courtesy of Aurora Foundation)

Cultural News, 2010 October Issue

The 12th Anniversary Aurora Benefit Concert will feature legendary singer and songwriter Kei Ogla (Ogura in the regular Romanized spelling) on Saturday, October 30, at 6 pm at the Marsee Auditorium on the campus of El Camino College, 16007 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90506.

Tickets are $100, $75, $55, $35. Tickets is on sale at www.auroraevent.org. Other outlets for ticket sale are All American Tickets at (888) 507-3287 or visit www.allamerican-tkt.com, and Kinokuniya Bookstore Little Tokyo and Costa Mesa locations.

The Aurora Foundation is still looking for the event sponsors and volunteers at the concert venue.

Kei Ogla was one of the most popular singers and songwriters in all genres of Japanese music during the 1970s and 80s. The very uniqueness which separated him from other artists was his dual careers during his peak of popularity: a banker at one of the most prestigious financial institutions in Japan, and a songwriter for some of the most famous Japanese singers such as Misora Hibari.

Born in Tokyo, Ogla graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1967 and started working for Nihon Kangyo Bank (currently Mizuho Bank). In his 25 years at the bank, he was assigned to high-level management positions such as a branch manager at Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture and director of a financial service department in the office of the headquarters.

When Ogla retired from the bank in 1993, he spent his time going back to the University of Tokyo. He received his master’s degree in Philosophy in 2000.

All during his banking and post graduate years, Ogla was very active in the music field.

His first major LP album, “Seishun: Sabaku no Shonen” (Adolescence: A Boy in the Desert) was released in 1971.  His third album, “Samayoi” (Wandering) in 1972, has sold over a million copies.

Ogla shares his compositions with top popular musicians in Japan, and many of the songs he wrote have become truly iconic in Japanese music history, including such songs as: “Shikuramen no Kaori” (A fragrance of Cyclamen),  “Oretachi no Tabi” (Our Journey), “Yume Shibai” (Dream Theater), “Itoshiki Hibi” (Memorable Days), and “Ai Sansanto” (Affectionate World).

He continues his solo stage performance, “Kadan no Kai” (Song and Talk Show) every year at various locations in Japan.

The year 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of Ogla’s music activity, and Ogla is having a national tour under the theme of “Kaiko, Uta-zukuri Yonjunen, Tabi Tojyo” (Unexpected Encounter, Writing songs for 40 years, Still on the Way).

For more information about the Ogla concert and the Aurora Foundation, call (323) 882-6545, email AuroraFoundation@usa.net or visit www.jlsf-aurora.org