2017 / Taiko: Art & Study of Taiko 2017 Recital Show 1 at Armstrong Theater, Dec. 2, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Asano Taiko US/Los Angeles Taiko Institute  2017 Recital Show 1
Saturday, December 2, 2017,  2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Armstrong Theater, Torrance
Tickets: $10, $15, $20 Sold Out

Staff and students of Asano Taiko US and Los Angeles Taiko Institute  present contemporary and traditionally inspired taiko repertoire in their end-of-year recital.

Performances are interspersed with explanations of the roots and context of taiko and commentary on the challenges and joys of learning Japanese drums.


Set List
Sugamen by Kris + Yuta
Tiny Taiko Class
M1-4 Arrangement by TaiConnect
Taiko Together
TBD by Senior Taiko
Renshu Daiko by Beginner Youth
M1-4 Arrangement by Intermediate Youth
Renshu/Oroshi by LATI Students
Team Taiko
Hachijo Solo by Hachijo Aikoukai
Kotobuki Jishi by Kotobuki JishTeam
Embody by LATI Students
Hachijo Solo II by Hachijo Aikoukai
Omiyage by LATI Students
Ranjo and Kurui by Kabuki Bayashi Team
Dokokara by LATI Students
Rei by LATI Students
Hachijo Solo III by Hachijo Aikoukai
Hantagonism by LATI Students
KarC/Jack Bazaar by LATI Students