2018 / L.A. participants invited to Okinawan language conference in Hawaii, March 23-24

LooChoo Identity Summit

Forwarded for Ukwanshin Kabudan in Hawaii

Ukwanshin Kabudan and the Ka Haka Ula o Keelikolani Center for Hawaiian Language invite members of the Los Angeles Okinawan community to attend the 2018 LooChoo (Ryukyu) Identity Summit: “Sustaining the Breath of Our Native Languages.”

The three-day conference will take place March 23 – 25 at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii Island. Early registration is open until March 1.

“E Ala E!” is the Hawaiian call to wake up, just like the rising of the sun. In the native Okinawan language, “Kataibusan” means to want to speak.

In this fourth LooChoo Identity conference, we are so honored to be in a space that is known internationally for language revitalization and incorporating the culture and values while never forgetting the roots. We will discuss how we will move on to pass on our Island Languages of LooChoo/Okinawa and what it means to us.

We will look at how we can prepare for the generations to come after us, so our language can survive with our culture and traditions that have been passed down to us from our ancestors. Come join us on our continuing journey of discovery, sharing, and strengthening of who we are, with other Shimanchu (Okinawans) from all over.

Registration is now open. Please email ukwanshinevents@gmail.com
for more information, or visit www.loochooidentity.org

Special transportation and accommodation rates are available for a limited time.

The early registration fee is $100 for adults, $75 for students. The deadline is March 1, 2018; the fee will increase $25 thereafter.

An optional pre-summit study tour of Hawaii Island is also available.

Ukwanshin Kabudan is a non-profit, LooChoo (Ryukyu) performing arts troupe based in Honolulu. The purpose of this organization is to maintain the traditional music, dance, and cultural art forms while fostering goodwill and understanding through sharing.

Ukwanshin also participates in educational programs to promote cultural awareness. Regular workshops on LooChoo culture, history, music, dance, and language are held on Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii Island.