2018 / Prime Minster Shinzo Abe visits disaster sites in Hiroshima: 10,000 personnel of police and national guard deployed

On July 21, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited disaster sites in Hiroshima Prefecture including Hongo of Mihara City, Saka Town, Yano-cho of Hiroshima City, Kumano Town, and Yasuura-cho of Kure City. Tweeted by Hiroshima Prefctural Government on July 22

July 2018 Heavy Rain Damage Report in Hiroshima Prefecture (37th Edition)
As of July 21, 2018, 4:00PM, Japan Time

Reported by Disaster Management Headquarters of Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima City: Death, 22; Missing 3
Kure City: Death 24; Missing 1
Saka Town: Death 16; Missing 1
Higashi-Hiroshima City: Death 12; Missing 1
Kumano Town: Death 12; Missing 0
Hiroshima Prefecture Total: Death 107, Missing 7, Serious Injury 29, Injury 79

House Damage
Hiroshima City: Totally destroyed 86; Half destroyed 164, Partially destroyed 98, Flooded 500
Kure City: TD 115; HD 120; PD 151, Flooded 352
Saka Town: TD 50; HD 100, PD 0; Flooded 0
Higashi-Hiroshima City: TD 25; HD 36; PD 0; Flooded 384
Kumano Town: TD 16; HD 3; PD 14; Flooded 100
Onomichi City: TD 16; HD 8; PD 242; Flooded 294
Fukuyama City: TD 10; HD 5, PD 0; Flooded 1380
Etajima City: TD 10; HD 8; PD 6; Flooded 362
Hiroshima Prefecture Total: TD 354; HD 495; PD 643; Flooded 6184

Landslide Location
Hiroshima City: 46
Kure City: 103
Takahara City: 11
Mihara City: 19
Onomichi City: 14
Etajima City: 13
Kumano Town: 12
Saka Town: 33

No Road Access: Onakakiuchi-area, Yasumura-cho, Kure City; 4 households, 10 people, only walk

Debris are piled up in Kumano Town. Tweeted by Junji Takeda on July 19, 6PM

Disrupted Railways Recovery Schedule

JR Train Sanyo Line:
Mihara Station – Shiraichi: November 2018
Shiraichi Station – Seno Station: October 2018
Seno Station – Kaitaichi Station: August 2018

JR Train Kure Line:
Mihara Station – Hiro Station: January 2019
Hiro Station – Saka Station: November 2018
Saka Station – Kaitaichi Station: August 2018

No Water Supply Household as of July 21, 4PM
Hiroshima City: 470 households
Kure City: 3,700
Takehara City: 579
Mihara City: 4,978
Etajima City: 870
Kumano Town: 113

Summer vacation begins on July 21 at most public schools.

Search and Rescue Activities by Prefectural Fire Department as of July 21, 4PM
Osaka Unit with 49 personnel is dispatched to Koyaura, Saka Town
Kagawa Unit with 47 personnel is dispatched to Koyaura, Saka Town
Tokushima Unit with 49 personnel is dispatched to Koyaura, Saka Town Tottori Unit with 44 personnel is dispatched to Yano-cho, Aki-ku, Hiroshima City Kyoto Unit with 47 personnel is dispatched to Yano-cho, Aki-ku, Hiroshima City

Local Fire Department Personnel Dispatched within Hiroshima Prefectural Jurisdiction: 145

Activities of Self Defense Forces with 7,700 personnel
Search and Rescue: Akiku-ku of Hiroshima City, Kure City, Saka Tow
Drinking Water Supply: Kure City, Etajima City, Saka Town, Mihara City, Takehara City
Providing Bath Services: Aasa-Kita-ku of Hiroshima City, Aki-ku of Hiroshima City, Mihara City, Onomichi City, Kure City, Etajima City, Saka Town, Takehara City, Kumano Town
Transportation: Kure City
Road Management: Kure City, Kumano City, Saka City, Takehara City, Fuchu Town
Epidemic Prevention: Kure City

A fundraiser starts in Ginza, Tokyo for Hiroshima flood victims. Tweeted by Nanase Izumoto on July 23.

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