2011/ Japan’s TBS miniseries “99 Years of Love: Japanese American” screening with English subtitles, Jan 9-15

TBS 99 Years of Love Japanese American

The highly acclaimed 5-episode dramatic miniseries of Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Japan, 99 Years of Love: Japanese American, aired in Japan in November 3-7, 2010, will be screen at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles.

The video screening of 5-episode with English subtitles will begin on Sunday, January 9 at 1-3 pm at Garden Room in the JACCC, Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, and continued on Monday, January 10, at 1- 3 pm; Wednesday, January 12, at 1-3 pm; Saturday, January 15, at 1-3 pm; and Sunday, January 15, at 1-4 pm.

Admission to the screening is free. As space is limited, reservations are required for the entire 5 episodes. For reservations, call (213) 628-2725 ext. 133 or email Kelley@jaccc.org.  For more information, please visit www.jaccc.org.

99 Years of Love: Japanese American was produced in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of TBS, and viewed by millions of Japanese.

Written by the writer of the drama Haru and Natsu, Sugako Hashida’s 99 Years of Love: Japanese American tells the story of one family’s love that endured war and prejudice.

The epic tale spans a period of 99 years through the eyes of one family, beginning with the immigration of an Issei father to America through his Nisei son joining the 442nd Infantry Regiment during World Ward II.

The series is co-starred by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of a Japanese pop group phenomenon, SMAP, and Yukie Nakama.  Tsuyoshi Kusanagi plays double roles as the Issei immigrant and his Nisei son.

It also features some of the top Japanese actors and actresses such as Kenichi Matsuyama, Kiichi Nakai, Pinko Izumi, and Keiko Kishi.

99 Years of Love: Japanese Americans Video Screening with English subtitles

January 9     (Sun) at 1 pm- 3 pm:     Episode 1 (“America”)

January  10  (Mon) at 1 pm – 3 pm:   Episode 2 (“Generations”)

January12    (Wed) at 1 pm – 3 pm:  Episode 3 (“Concentration Camp”)

January 15   (Sat) at 1 pm – 3 pm:    Episode 4 (“The Japanese American Regiment”)

January 16   (Sun) at 1 pm – 4 pm:    Final Episode (“Reunited”)

Garden Room in the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, 244 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. (213) 628-2725.

The screening of 99 Years of Love: Japanese American is presented by the JACCC and supported by TBS, Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, and The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.