2020 / Portland Japanese Garden 2020 Year of Peace exhibition series: “Spirits Rising: Hiroshima ひろしま” January 18 – March 15, 2020

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Portland Japanese Garden
611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, Portland Japanese Garden celebrates 2020 as the “Year of Peace,” honoring of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Introducing a wide array of artists and art forms to the Garden, these exhibitions will reflect on ways we experience peace through connections to art, nature, and one another.

Miyako Ishiuchi photography “hiroshima ひろしま#123”

Spirits Rising: hiroshima ひろしま by Miyako Ishiuchi
January 18 –March 15, 2020

The exhibition will include a selection of the internationally acclaimed photographer’s monumental hiroshima ひろしま series. The photographs were taken when Ishiuchi gained rare access to document the cherished items and clothing left behind by victims of the atomic bomb detonated in Hiroshima at the close of World War II.

The subjects are captured in her unique, moving style that resurrects and gives voice to those who suffered and died on that fateful day, bringing to life a renewed appeal for humanity and global peace.

The Brush of Shoko Kanazawa
April 3 – May 3, 2020

An exhibition of the calligraphic works of the renowned artist, Shoko Kanazawa. Born with Down syndrome, Kanazawa began studying calligraphy at the age of five to become one of Japan’s most acclaimed contemporary calligraphers. Showcasing her dramatic interpretation of the National Treasure Wind and Thunder Gods by Tawaraya Sōtatsu, ca. 1570–ca. 1640, the exhibition provides a moving exploration of the emotion and poetry of this ground-breaking artist.

Takahiro Iwasaki: Constructed Worlds
May 30 – July 12, 2020

Iwasaki creates detailed three-dimensional representations of traditional Japanese architectural structures, which are visually unified with the harmonious appearance of reflective duplication as appearing on the surface of the water. The floating sculptural works suspended from the ceiling ask viewers to question concepts of the fragility and impermanence of our world.

The exhibition will include a selection of works created during his artist residency that transforms everyday banal materials into delicate, refined landscapes. (Includes artist residency: May 8-29, 2020.)

Water Patterns by Rui Sasaki
September 19 – November 11, 2020

Building on her life-long fascination of the structure and appearance of water, Sasaki crafts elaborate glass sculptures to closely mimic its various forms. The exhibition will entail specially commissioned works including multiple site-specific installations that respond directly with the Garden’s lush setting.

Each distinct work—installed in various locations throughout the grounds—will explore water’s critical importance to our existence and its vital role in the stewardship of our natural surroundings. (Includes artist residency: September 11 – 18, 2020.)

Healing Nature: Gardens and Art of Manzanar – with photographs by Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and Toyo Miyatake
November 21, 2020 – January 10, 2021

With a selection of documentary work by three leading twentieth-century photographers, the exhibition will provide a visual exploration of the healing power of Japanese gardens and art in the lives of internees at Manzanar Relocation Camp during World War II.

Elaborately designed Japanese gardens were developed in the harshest of conditions to provide a life-affirming sense of peace and level of normalcy for its inhabitants, while the creation of handmade art and craft provided therapeutic support against devastating adversity. Works created by the internees will be exhibited along with the photographs to bring the story of this important chapter of Japanese American history to life.