Weekly Cultural News: Japanese percussion artist’s effort to promote Kabuki music

Since we faced the new coronavirus breakout in the U.S, and the world, all most cultural exchange programs have been stopped. Art museums and cultural centers are not open yet as of June 8, 2020.

I started publishing Weekly Cultural News for a substitute of Monthly Cultural News which has been publishing since July 1998.

The Cultural News Association, a non-profit organization to support for publishing monthly paper, asks the public to send donation to restart publishing Monthly Cultural News. https://www.culturalnews.com/donation

The latest Weekly Cultural News features efforts of Hayashi (Japanese percussion) artist Mariko Watabe to promote Kabuki music: a Japanese art story told by renowned Japanese art specialist Meher McArthur in Los Angeles.

The following is the downloading link of the latest Weekly Cultural News:


Shige Higashi
Cultural New Editor

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