Kumamoto volunteer group “Uki-no-wa” seeks donation disaster relief

A heavy rain hit the southern region of Kumamoto Prefecture on July 4, and 65 people were killed, over 600 houses were destroyed, and 8000 houses were flooded.

Disaster municipalities along Kuma River such as Hitoyoshi City, Kuma Village, Ashikita Town, Yatsushiro City are rural area with aging population.

Amid COVID-19 breakout in Japan, volunteers from outside of Kumamoto Prefecture are prohibited from coming to the disaster areas.

In Uki City, a northern border municipality of the disaster areas, non-profit organization “Uki-no-wa” (Circle of Uki) delivered goods and send volunteers to clean up mud and debris since July 5.

In the second activity schedule from Aug. 17 through Aug. 31, “Uki-no-wa” is planning to rent five excavators to move mud and debris in rural areas. “Uki-no-wa” seeks $5000 fund to realize this project.

Non-profit “Uki-no-wa” was formed in 2013 after people of Uki City received victims from the 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

In April 2016, Kumamoto City was hit by a large earthquake and 200,000 houses were destroyed and 50 people were killed. Because Uki City is located at the southern border of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, “Uki-no-wa” committed relief efforts since then until today.  

For information to send donation to “Uki-no-wa,” contact Shige Higashi, Cultural News Editor via higashi@culturalnews.com

(Photo courtesy of “Uki-no-wa”)