California State’s Stay at Home Order is in effect for the Southern California Region since Dec. 7

Excerpt from the news release of the Los Angeles County Public Health, December 07, 2020

As of last night, at 11:59 pm, the State’s new Stay at Home Order is in effect for the Southern California Region. The State Order will remain in effect for at least three weeks and prohibits private gatherings of any size, closes sector operations, limits occupancy at various businesses, and requires 100% masking and physical distancing. All residents need to stay at home except for essential activities and to provide or access essential services.  Outdoor recreation with members of your household is allowed, and we encourage you to do so during this very difficult time. Being outdoors and getting exercise is very important for both physical and emotional wellbeing. When you are out of your home, wear a face covering and keep distance of at least 6 feet at all times from anyone not from your household.  The Order also includes the following:

  • Gatherings of any size are prohibited.
  • Critical infrastructure, like public transportation and businesses that keep our utilities running, remain open.
  • Worship services and political expression continue to be permitted outdoors, with face coverings and distancing requirements.
  • Schools that have previously reopened for either high-need students or through the waiver program can remain open.
  • All retail can remain open, but these businesses must operate at 20% occupancy or below at all times.  Stand alone grocery stores where the principal business activity is the sale of food may operate at 35% capacity.
  • On-site consumption of food, beverages and alcohol at any business is not permitted.
  • Hotel and lodging entities are not permitted to accept out-of-state, non-essential reservations are not permitted unless the reservation is for the minimum period of quarantine and that person is quarantining at that lodging.


Businesses still open include:

  • Essential critical infrastructure including government, healthcare, courts, food and agriculture production, communications, and essential manufacturing
  • Grocery stores, retail stores and shopping centers (all at very limited occupancy)
  • Restaurants for take-out and delivery only
  • Outdoor fitness facilities
  • Parks and trails
  • Day care and schools
  • Health care facilities, including clinics and dental offices; everyone should continue to seek needed healthcare.


Businesses that must temporarily suspend operations include:

  • Cardrooms
  • Wineries, breweries, distilleries except for retail
  • Museums, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums
  • All Personal care including hair salons, barbershops, and nail salons
  • Playgrounds
  • Family entertainment centers


Now more than ever, the County has asked our business partners to take extra steps to be fully compliant with the safeguards and modifications set forth in the Stay at Home Order and our existing Public Health protocols. Public Health’s compliance teams continue to visit businesses across the County every day. During Public Health’s recent business compliance checks only 59% of businesses inspected were in full compliance with required safety protocols. From November 23 through November 29, a total of 16 citations were issued to businesses including restaurants, gyms, and hotels for noncompliance with Health Officer Orders. Since the end of August, a total of 378 citations have been issued. A list of non-compliant businesses that received citations can be found online.