2021 / Webinar / Hiroshima Reconstruction After Atomic Series, Thursday, June 24 from 7:00PM – 8:00PM, PDT

Free Webinar by Cultural News, Los Angeles
Thursday, June 24, from 7:00 pm –8:30 pm
Hiroshima Reconstruction After Atomic Bombing: Peace Memorial Park Plan by Tange Kenzo

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This free webinar is a part of “Hiroshima Reconstruction After Atomic Bombing” series presented by Cultural News.

Immediately after the tragedy of the 1945 Atomic bombing, people in Hiroshima started reconstruction of the city. In 1946, the Hiroshima City Municipality decided the master plan of the reconstruction including green belt and parks.

By 1949, the master plan of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was prepared and the construction budget was allocated by the national government.

In creating Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Tange Kenzo took very important role. Tokyo-based architect Tange spent three years in Hiroshima when he was a high school student.

In 1949, the national design competition for the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was held, and Tange won the first prize.

Tange’s plan was extraordinary because that created the best solution for the Peace Memorial Park plan by planning the axis of the Atomic Bomb Dome over a river. In 1949, the preservation of the Atomic Bomb Dome was not decided yet.

Designs of the second and third prizes did not include the axis with the Atomic Bomb Dome.

In Tange’s plan, the axis made a right angle with Peace Boulevard. And the axis was set on the line toward the Atomic Bombing Dome. On the axis, a museum and memorial monument were placed as gates.

The speaker of this webinar is Mr. Manabu Yamasaki from Hiroshima. Yamasaki is a retired city planner of the Hiroshima City Municipality, and a leader of public space utilization movement in Hiroshima.

As panelists of the webinar, those who are promoting peace and culture will join from Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, Arizona.