2021 / Weekly Cultural News / June 21-27 / Japanese American National Museum receives $10M gift from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott

LOS ANGELES – The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) announced on June 15 that it received a transformative $10 million gift today from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. It is the largest single gift in the Museum’s history.
“After a year that profoundly challenged the Museum, the nation, and the Asian community, we are deeply grateful for this landmark gift and to Ms. Scott for her generosity and visionary support for organizations across the country which are focused on achieving social impact in their communities,” said Ann Burroughs, President and CEO. “For nearly 30 years, JANM has used the lessons of Japanese American incarceration and the loss of their civil rights to illuminate a better path forward for all Americans and the nation. MacKenzie Scott’s gift will ensure that we can continue to keep that history alive and to shine a light on the imperfect present and to shape a more just future.”

JANM has benefited from the steadfast giving from the Japanese American and Asian American communities, and at a time when it is recognized that Asian organizations are underfunded and overlooked, the museum hopes Ms. Scott’s gift to JANM and to other Asian organizations will inspire continuing support and others to give.
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Contents of Weekly Cultural News, June 21 – 27, 2021


P01: Japanese American National Museum receives $10M gift from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott

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P04: Webinar 6/24  / Hiroshima Reconstruction After Atomic Bombing: Peace Memorial Park Plan by Tange Kenzo

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P05: North American Japanese Garden Association Conference to be held from Nov. 3-7 at Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego


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