2021 / Phoenix-based Ken Koshio, influential taiko artist in U.S., invites the public to TAIKO EXTRAVAGANZA 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ, Dec. 17

Phoenix-based Ken Koshio performs “Hiroshima Nicho Taiko” a traditional taiko music from Hiroshima, Japan. (Courtesy of K2 Enterprise)

Forwarded for Ken Koshio

Hello everyone,

It has been a busy month in October 2021!

I hope that you enjoyed the freedom to go out more often than last year, especially this Halloween.

Now, we are going to have TAIKO EXTRAVAGANZA 2021 “Flower of Life”. It has been postponed since June 13, 2020. It’s time to share my appreciation to all people and take care of myself to be who I am and what I am doing today.

There were no performance opportunities last year from March to this April 2022. However, it has been really busy making our performances in-doors and out-doors now.

So, I need to tell you how much I was worrying about the future last year. But, I believe that we take care of ourselves with our real information and experiences.

We need to be more sensitive to make our life real for us. Information is part of your idea and you need to feel and decide what you believe and do what your guts tell you…

For the last year and a half since March 23, 2020, I have been climbing to the top of Piestewa Peak for sunrise to pray with my taiko drumming. It has been giving me time to reflect and look inside of myself deeper and deeper.

Please take care of yourself, have no worries, and pray/manifest more to imagine what you want to clearly be. It makes our lives richer and real.

I want to say thank you and see you on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17 at 7:30 pm at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, or if you live far away from Arizona, please purchase the LIVE STREAMING tickets. You can be with us in REAL-TIME as a REAL LIVE SHOW!!

Keep on Rolling Forever!
Ken Koshio


Tickets for TAIKO EXTRAVAGANZA: $55, $45, $35 & Live-stream $35