Little Tokyo / 100th Anniversary of Zenshuji Soto Temple Lecture / Zen – Shin Dialogue, June 15

Zenshuji Zasenkai Presents A Series of Lectures and Conversations

This series commemorates Zenshuji Soto Mission’s 100th Anniversary. The temple was founded in 1922 as the first official branch of Soto Zen in North America. Events in the series explore the diverse and emerging story of American Zen, and Zenshuji’s contribution to it.

Events begin at 5:00 pm and, unless online only, are held at Zenshuji Soto Mission at 123 South Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Live and in-person events are subject to current COVID protocols. Email for Zoom link.

January 22 (in-person & online) Zen at the Half-Century: Zenshuji Temple and the WWII Incarceration of Japanese Americans. A talk by Prof. Duncan Ryuken Williams (University of Southern California)

February 5 (online only) Asian Americans and the Zen Boom: Prof. Dana Takagi (UC Santa Cruz) and Roshi Jakusho Kwong (Sonoma Mt. Zen Center) discuss the Flowering of Zen in San Francisco, including video comments by Dr. Kazumitsu Wako Kato (CSU Los Angeles and Zenshuji Temple)

March 12 (online only) Reflections of a Life of Zen: A talk by Roshi Daigaku Rumme (Confluence Zen Center)

April 16 (online only) One Nun, Two Faiths, and Two Countries: A talk by Rev. Yuko Wakayama (Aiichi Soto Zen Women’s Monastery and Shogakuji Temple – Japan)

May 21 (in-person & online) Mottainai: Zen Approach to Sustainability. A talk by Amy Honjiya (Sustainable Little Tokyo and Zenshuji Temple)

June 15 (in-person & online) Zen-Shin Dialogue: A Conversation with Bishop Marvin Harada (Buddhist Churches of America) and Bishop Noriaki Ito (Higashi Honganji North American District). Moderated by Prof. Duncan Ryuken Williams (University of Southern California)

July 23 (in-person & online) Growing Up Zen: A Converstion with Rev. Nyoze Kwong (Sonoma Mt. Zen Center) and filmmaker Yoko Okumura

August 20 (online only) Buddhism, Asian Americans, and US Race Relations: A talk by Prof. Michael Masatsugu (Towson State University)

September 17 (in-person & online) How Americans See Buddhism: A Conversation with Prof. Lori Meeks (University of Southern California) and Rev. Doshin Diana Johnson (Sozenji Temple)

October 15 (in-person & online) Hosen Isobe and the Founding of North American’s First Soto Zen Temple: A Seminar Discussion of Pre-circulated Reading

November 12 (in-person & online) The Present and Future of American Zen: A talk by Abbot Konjin Gaelyn Godwin (Soto Zen Buddhism International Center and Houston Zen Center)