2023 / Weekly Cultural News / Jan. 09-15: Japanese sword show to be held in Las Vegas, Jan. 20 & 21

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Contents of Weekly Cultural News, January 09-15, 2023 (Reiwa 5)

P01: Japanese sword show to be held in Las Vegas, Jan. 20 & 21

P02: “Textile Arts of Japan” lecture at Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego, Jan. 13

P02: USC Japanese Food Culture and Culinary Traditions Speaker Series “The Story of Sushi: How a Fermented Dish Became a Global Fast Food” Feb. 15

P03: JAPAN HOUSE’s bamboo installation LIFE CYCLES closing Jan. 15

P04: JAPAN HOUSE to present “Designing with Disaster: Stories from Seven Regenrative Cities” Jan. 27-April 2

P05: Photo Exhibition “Dancing Extraordinaire: Japanese Entertainers under the Pandemic” at Japan Foundation until Feb. 25

P06: Oshogatsu in Little Tokyo

P06: Shikishi 2023: First Rabitt by Kevin Brechner

P07: Little Tokyo Historical Society seeks entries for 2023 Short Story Contest

P08: Comprehensive Listing of Japanese Art & Cultural Events