2023/7/29 : Okinawa Association of America hosts Cooking Workshop of Okinawan “doughnuts,” Saturday, July 29, 1:00PM

GARDENA, CA (Cultural News: Forwarded for the Okinawa Association of America) – “Majun saataa andaagii niyabirana!” (Let’s cook saataa andaagii together!)

On July 29 (Saturday) at 1 p.m., the Okinawa Association of America (OAA) in Gardena will host a special hands-on workshop to cook saataa andaagii (sometimes referred to as “Okinawan dango” in Los Angeles). RSVP is required due to limited space: https://tinyurl.com/oaa-andaagii-23

Saataa andaagii – which literally means “sugar” and “deep fried” in Uchinaaguchi, one of the native Ryūkyūan languages – can be found at Nikkei events across L.A., but the traditional methods of cooking these festival favorites (and its actual name) are not commonly used.

There are noticeable differences depending on how the saataa andaagii are prepared. The OAA invites interested persons to learn one of the old-fashioned Okinawan processes, which not only emphasizes flavor, shape, and density, but also how you mix the dry ingredients.

Other important factors include using your hands to scoop and drop the dough into the oil (instead of the more convenient ice cream scooper) and using a very precise temperature. There is also the symbolic “smile” down the middle of each treat, as saataa andaagii is meant to be eaten during celebrations. A detailed presentation by Chogi Higa will be given at this event.

The goal of this and subsequent workshops is to preserve traditional recipes and cooking methods for future generations. The OAA also hopes to teach younger people who can start to assist the organization’s elder members who make up the majority of cooking volunteers at events.

A limited number of participants can be accepted for the hands-on cooking portion due to limited space, so please register online (https://tinyurl.com/oaa-andaagii-23). Admission is $10 for adult OAA members, $15 for the general public, and free for children (ages 17 and under) to encourage families to attend (parents/guardians must take proper safety precautions during the frying portion of the workshop).

The OAA Center is located at 16500 South Western Avenue in Gardena (the event will take place in the Yamauchi Building). This event is co-presented by the organization’s Fujin-bu Women’s Club and Young Okinawans of Southern California (YOSC).

The Okinawa Association of America, Inc. (OAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving and promoting Okinawan culture.

Formed by first generation Okinawan immigrants (issei), the OAA has grown into a multi-generational organization that hosts numerous events throughout the year including cultural lectures, performances, social gatherings, and senior-focused activities.

2019 marked the organization’s 110th anniversary as well as the 20th anniversary of the OAA Center in Gardena. Facebook/Instagram @oaamensore