2023/8/20: Free Japanese TV program: Japan Hollywood Network to start new drama “VIVANT” Aug. 20, 7PM


Japan Hollywood Network will start to broadcast drama VIVANTon Sunday, Aug. 20 at 7pm on channel 44.1 (KXLA). Additionally, after airing each episode, they will be available for free streaming nationwide on Japan Hollywood Network’s website, www.jhollywoodnet.com

A new TV drama ‘VIVANT’​ is director Katsuhiro Fukuzawa, who was responsible for the immensely popular drama “Hanzawa Naoki,”(Highest viewership of 32.7%) and Masato Sakai are once again teaming up to take on the challenge of an Adventure Drama.

This drama is shrouded in secrecy until its broadcast, ​no details about the story, characters, or any other aspects of the work are revealed, making it unpredictable. Japan’s elite actors unite.

Unprecedented entertainment kicks off this summer!​

Japan Hollywood Network can be viewed by anyone that can receive a broadcast over-the-air television in KXLA broadcasting area.

  • Those who receive via antenna can find it on CH 44.1 .
  • For cable / satellite users:

○SPECTRUM-CHARTER : CH 14、19、20、715  又は CH 1240

○COX : CH31、32

○DirecTV, Dish, U-Verse : CH 44

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