2024/3/01 / San Jose State University to sponsor “Zainichi” Korean Speaker event in-person or virtual attendance, March 1, 3:30 – 5:30PM

San Jose State University, Department of World Language and Literatures, sponsors “Zainichi” Korean speaker event – “Experiences and identities of Zainichi Koreans: Re-conceptualizing ethnic identity, nationality, and representations” on March 1, 2024, 3:30-5:30 pm at Student Union Theater, San Jose State University.

This event is accessible via webinar: https://sjsu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5J3b1QvkQ0Wc4g1Q6Sv0Sw#/registration

Ms. Kaho Minami and Mr. Sohee Park (aka Soji Arai), who starred in the Apple TV+ drama Pachinko in 2022, will talk about their experiences as “Zainichi” Koreans and their thoughts on their roles in the internationally acclaimed drama.

“Zainichi” Koreans are ethnically Korean persons who have lived in Japan. The world is currently in turmoil with prejudices and hate directed at individuals of other nationalities and ethnicities.

By understanding the history and stories of “Zainichi” Koreans, we will have an invaluable opportunity to understand one aspect of Japanese culture and society that has been overlooked. This exploration is hoped to prompt reconsideration of what it truly means to live in a society composed of people from diverse national and ethnic backgrounds.

There will be a panel discussion, a Q&A session, and also a cool dance by SJSU’s K-pop dance group “Synkronize Dance.” A casual reception will follow (until 6:00) in the courtyard.

This program is funded by Artistic Excellence Programing Grant, Narae Mochizuki Fund, and Kazuki Fukuda-Abe Endowment for Contemporary Japanese Arts.

The event page is https://events.sjsu.edu/event/experiences_and_identities_of_zainichi_koreans#

For more information, contact university faculties, Midori Ishida at midori.ishida@sjsu.edu  or Yasue Kodama Yanai at yasue.yanai@sjsu.edu