3/16: Pasadena Buddhist Temple Buddhist Women’s Association presents “Maneki Neko” Silent Auction from March 3-16 online

The Pasadena Buddhist Women’s Association (BWA) proudly offers the Spring 2024 Silent Auction. This auction offers one of a kind fine art, vintage and recent Japanese art, furniture, houseware and decorative items, plus an array of items to bring you joy, just like the Maneki Neko.

Follow the webpage for information on the March 3 Open House viewing of special items at Pasadena Buddhist Temple.


If you do not find something to buy, please consider a sponsorship or donation. Proceeds from this auction will go towards repair and restoration of the temple’s parsonage.



Luck and good fortune are in the air!
Please support our Pasadena BWA’s Maneki Neko “Lucky Cat” Silent Auction, starting March 3 at 9:00 am and ending on March 16 at 6:00 pm.

Fine art, Japanese ware, handicraft.

Pick-up March 17, 19, 21.


At Pasadena Buddhist Temple
11:30 am – Tea Ceremony, led by Urasenke Tea Master Jose Salcedo and students
Noon – 2 pm – Viewing select Silent Auction items. Learn how to bid online
Noon – 2 pm – Girls’ Day doll display



Enjoy shopping or becoming a sponsor if you find nothing to buy. More information at www.PasadenaBuddhistTemple.org
1993 Glen Avenue, Pasadena, 91103 .


The Pasadena BWA (PBWA) is a service group which provides assistance to the Sangha of this temple and also to other organizations.

PBWA earns funds to provide financial support for the Pasadena Buddhist Temple, Dharma School and youth groups, as well as the Buddhist Churches of America and other organizations.

Twice-yearly PBWA cleans the temple altar adornments. In addition, PBWA plans activities for the enjoyment, education and social fulfillment of our members. PBWA also participates in the Southern District Buddhist Women’s League and Federation of Buddhist Womens’ Association.