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Cultural News, 2011 June Issue

Andy Matsuda’s Sushi School / Cutting board talk

By Chef Andy Matsuda

Chef Andy Matsuda Sushi Chef Institute

Chef Andy Matsuda (Couetesy of Sushi Chef Institute)

As I explained earlier, the Sushi Chef Institute has moved to a new location in Torrance. The building is located at the corner of Torrance Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue, and faces the American Honda Motors headquarters to the east and the Old Torrance shopping district to the south.

We are now very close to residential areas.  And we have a second kitchen and a 900-square-foot multipurpose room.

By relocating to this new facility, we are pursuing not only professional sushi chef training but also education on preparing nourishing food for children. With the arrival of summer vacation, I am planning to start a Sushi Camp for children to learn how to cook and eat healthy foods.

Of course, I will teach with Japanese recipes using locally grown produce. We can accommodate 10 to 15 children at one time. We are currently designing a three-day curriculum.

Andy Matsuda is the founder and the chief instructor of Sushi Chef Institute. The new address is 1123 Van Ness Ave, Torrance, CA 90501, (310) 782-8483. For more information, visit