KABC-TV (Ch 7) news anchor David Ono to report aftermath of Japan disater, Feb 27-29

Tohoku Ono TV Rikuzen Takada

KABC-TV new anchor David Ono visted Rikuzen-Takada in Tohoku, Japan.

Los Angeles-based KABC-TV (Channel 7) news anchor David Ono will report his own experiences of Japan disaster aftermath from Feb 27 – 29.

The stories begin at 11 pm, Monday, Feb 27 on Channel 7, KABC-TV.

Ono and his crew have discovered video few people have seen before of the tsunami.  It’s especially moving because it shows the disaster from start (the earthquake) to finish (the tsunami washing back out to sea).

And in that time it’s a stunning education on how destructive a tsunami can be.

In all, there will be four parts from Feb 27-29:

Monday, Feb 27, 11 pm – Tsunami

Tuesday, Feb 28, 5 pm – Rikuzen-takata

Tuesday, Feb 28, 11 pm  – LA resident Masako’s story of survival from Kesennuma

Wednesday, Feb 29, 5 pm – Recovery: Life after the disaster

There will also be a half hour special on March 10.

Plus, after the story airs, the video in its entirety will be posted on the website. The link to the website will be announced later.

Tohoku Ono TV Kesennuma Unoura

TV news anchor David Ono interviewed with Masako Unoura-Tanaka of Los Angeles who survived from tsunami in Kesennuma, Tohoku.