2012 / 56th Annual Nisei Week Karate Exhibition, Aug 4

2012 Nisei Week Karate Shotokan Result

2012 Nisei Week Karate Shotokan Tournament (Cultural News Photo)


Result of 2012 Shotoka  Karate Tournament and Exhibition


First Place Andrae Miller San Leandro
Second Place Trung Pham CSULB
Third Place Greg Metzger Salt Lake City
Fourth Place Michael Christie Santa Monica
Best Competitor Michael Christie Santa Monica


TEAM: Name: Members:
First Place West Coast Ek Tong Ear, CSULBBridgette Ho, Garden GroveTrung Pham, CSULB
Second Place Southern California Andrae Miller, San LeandroLori Bartel, Lake ForestJoe Bonner, La Habra
Third Place Midwest William Ragin, Los AngelesAriel Heyman, San LeandroGreg Metzger, Salt Lake City
Fourth Place East Coast Sean Yates, Wash. DCRosan Choi, Wash. DCTravis O’Brien, Wash. DC


WOMEN: Name: Dojo:
First Place Brigette Callahan Lake Forest
Second Place Lori Bartel Lake Forest
Third Place Ariel Heyman San Leandro


BROWN BELT: Name: Dojo:
First Place Dwayne Miller CSULB
Second Place Michael Bauer San Francisco
Third Place James Groocock
Fourth Place Reggie Costner


Shotokan Karate of America (SKA) will host its 56th Annual Nisei Week Karate Exhibition and Tournament on Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Braun Gymnasium of the California Institute of Technology.


SKA’s Nisei Week Karate event is the oldest karate demonstration in the U.S.  Fighters and participants will come to Los Angeles from dojos nationwide and abroad to compete and give individual and group demonstrations.


The karate event will be held from 11 am to 1:30 pm. The doors will open at 10:30 am. California Institute of Technology is located at 1200 East California Blvd, in Pasadena. The event is open to the public. Admission and parking are free. www.ska.org