2012: Senator Inouye rests in Hawaii

The casket of Senator Daniel Inouye was flown to Honolulu, and members of the Hawaii state legislature and the public gathered at the Hawaii State Capitol Rotunda in the evening of Dec 22 to pay their final respects to the late senator.

On Dec 23 at 10 am, the final memorial service for Senator Inouye began with a 19-cannon honor salute at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl in Honolulu. President Obama, who was in his birth state for Christmas, attended the service with First Lady Michelle Obama. Eight of Inouye’s Senate colleagues also attended the service.

Speakers included Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Daniel Akaka. President Obama kept intentionally minimal presence – a gesture of deference to the late senator. The service closed with Sen. Jon Tester playing “Taps” on the bugle.


Inouye Hawaii State Capitol

Senator Inouye lied in state at the Hawaii State Capitol until midnight on Dec 22. (Photo by Office of the Governor of State of Hawaii)


20121224 Inouye 442 Veterans

442nd regimental combat team veterans attended Senator Inouye’s funeral on Dec 23. (Photo by Noriyoshi Kanaizumi, The Hawaii Hochi newspaper)


20121224 Inouye Casket

From left, First Lady Michelle Obama, President Obama, Senator Inouye’s casket, Lt. General Francis Wiercinski, Commander of U.S. Army Pacific, and Irene Inoue, wife of Senator Inoue. (Photo by Noriyoshi Kanaizumi, The Hawaii Hochi newspaper)


20121224 Inouye Former Governar Ariyoshi

Former Hawaii Governor Gorge Ariyoshi, center, and his wife paid their respect to Senator Inouye. Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, left, was also standing in front of the casket.  (Photo by Noriyoshi Kanaizumi, The Hawaii Hochi newspaper)