2013 / Film “Emperor” screening and panel discussion at UCLA, March 4, 7:00 pm

20130301 Film Emperor-OneShtThe UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations and The UCLA Paul I. and Hisako Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies present a special screening and panel discussion of the film Emperor as following:

Film Emperor

Starring Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones

Directed by Peter Webber

Monday, March 4, 7:00 pm

UCLA James Bridges Theater, 1409 Melnitz Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095



A gripping tale of love and honor forged between fierce enemies of war, EMPEROR unfolds the story, inspired by true events, of the bold and secret moves that won the peace in the shadows of postwar Japan.

The story of EMPEROR is based on the resonant, real events of 1945, when General MacArthur took control of a shell-shocked Japan on behalf of the U.S and Bonner Fellers worked covertly to investigate the Emperor’s fate while the future of the nation hung in the balance.

Entwined with an against-the-odds romance, the story traverses the conflicting loyalties between heart and homeland, between revenge and justice, as the world rebuilds from the ruins of war.



EUGENE NOMURA is a Producer of EMPEROR as well an actor. Nomura’s producer credits include THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN (2009), TAJOMARU (2009), SURELY SOME DAY (2010), and TOMATO NO SHIZUKU (2011).

KAL RAUSTIALA is Director of the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations and Associate Vice Provost of the International Institute and International Studies.

WILLIAM MAROTTI is an Associate Professor at UCLA and teaches modern Japanese history, with an emphasis on everyday life and cultural-historical issues. He is also Chair of the East Asian Studies M.A. Interdepartmental Degree Program.

YOKO NARAHASHI is a Producer of EMPEROR as well as an accomplished actor, an award winning director of stage and screen, a casting director and a lyricist.

For event details, visit www.international.ucla.edu/burkle