2014 / Reciprocal home stay program at northernmost inhabited island in Japan to be held, July 16 – 27, 2014

Rebun High School

Since 2012, Los Angeles-based Creative Enterprise International, Inc. provides home stay programs and English language classes in Los Angeles for high school students from Rebun Island, northernmost inhabited island in Japan.  

As the third year program with the name of Rebun Island Exchange, Creative Enterprise is organizing a reciprocal tour in July to Japan with 15 – 20 people of Los Angeles host families, Los Angeles teachers who taught English to Rebun students, and Los Angeles students who met students from Rebun.

The tour will leave Los Angeles on July 16 and return to Los Angeles on July 27. Tour fees are $3,879 per person with double occupancy. Those who are interested in this tour must contact Creative Enterprise by email to creatent@aol.com or phone call at (323) 969-9410 by April 30.

Rebun Island Exchange’s programs include two-night home stays in Rebun Island, attending Rebun Town-sponsored welcome party and Rebun High School summer festival, visiting the governor of Hokkaido and Hokkaido University in Sapporo, visiting tsunami disaster sites and meeting survivors of tsunami and local leaders in Miyagi prefecture, visiting Matsushima National Park in Tohoku, and two night stay in Asakusa, Tokyo. 

As the northernmost inhabited island in Japan, Rebun Island is located north of Rishiri Island on the west side of Hokkaido. Rebun is more elongated, stretching out in a north-south direction in a series of gentle hills.

Most of 4,300 people live in villages dotted along the east coast, although a few people reside along the west coast.

Since the island itself is located at high latitudes, some 300 varieties of alpine plants grow wild there, and as result, Rebun is known as the “Floating Island of Flowers.” The floral season is from May to August.