Shige Higashi (Publisher of Cultural News, President of the non-profit Cultural News Association) asks you to support the missions and projects of Cultural News.

The Cultural News Association has been formed to support the missions and projects of Cultural News.


  • Promoting Japanese art and culture in southern California and beyond the immediate region
  • Recording the legacy of Japanese art and culture for next generations


  • Spreading Japanese cultural events by publishing Weekly Cultural News in PDF format
  • Creating networks of Japanese cultural natives and Japanese cultural enthusiasts by hosting video meetings: ロサンゼルスのビデオ会合 (Japanese), Cultural News Meeting (English)

The Cultural News Association, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization
Employer Identification Number: 83-3101601
Annual Budget: $50,000

Your support and donation to the Cultural News Association are appreciated.

Payable to: Cultural News Association
Send to: Cultural News Association
328 ¼ South Alexandria Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020-2673

For more information, contact:
Shige Higashi, Cultural News Editor & Publisher
President of the Cultural News Association
(213) 819-4100.