Help Cultural News in funding $30,000 to keep Japanese culture alive

In 1998, Cultural News was started by Shige Higashi to promote Japanese culture in Southern California. Due to Corona pandemic, the format of Cultural News had to change from monthly paper to weekly PDF. But the mission of Cultural News remains the same.

Non-profit organization Cultural News Association has been formed to support the mission of Cultural News.

For promoting Japanese culture in Los Angeles, Shige Higashi (Publisher of Cultural News, President of the non-profit Cultural News Association) asks you to support to Cultural News.

Cultures are major connections to communities

By Shige Higashi
Cultural News Editor
January 1, 2021

I started Cultural News in summer 1998 to introduce Japanese art exhibitions and local Japanese cultural events to the general public, native Japanese and  American-born Japanese.

I eventually discovered Southern California is the home of more than 100,000 native Japanese, and the majority became U.S. citizens but they still need Japanese culture.

In last 20 years, there are more international marriages than Japanese marriages in not only Los Angeles but also in the US. For ordinary people, cultures such as language, songs, dances, foods, visual arts and martial arts, are major connections to communities.

Keeping Japanese culture is still important parts of their life for the old and younger generations in Los Angeles.

In 2020, Cultural News received $20,000 donation against $30,000 goal.

COVID-19 pandemic forces us to use more technologies such as Zoom and Webinar. To meet these requirements, Cultural News needs $30,000 donation per year. Your supports are essential.


The Cultural News Association has been formed to support the missions and projects of Cultural News.


  • Promoting Japanese art and culture in southern California and beyond the immediate region
  • Recording the legacy of Japanese art and culture for next generations


  • Spreading Japanese cultural events by publishing Weekly Cultural News in PDF format
  • Creating networks of Japanese cultural natives and Japanese cultural enthusiasts by hosting video meetings: ロサンゼルスのビデオ会合 (Japanese), Cultural News Meeting (English)

The Cultural News Association, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization
Employer Identification Number: 83-3101601
Annual Budget: $50,000

Your support and donation to the Cultural News Association are appreciated.

Payable to: Cultural News Association
Send to: Cultural News Association
328 ¼ South Alexandria Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020-2673

For more information, contact:
Shige Higashi, Cultural News Editor & Publisher
President of the Cultural News Association
(213) 819-4100.