2014 / UCLA Lecture on Fukushima Nuclear Accident / Market Reaction to Radiation Risk by Kayo Tajima, Rikkyo University / Oct. 10

Event organized by the Luskin School, UCLA

Please join Matt Kahn and the Luskin Center on Friday, October 10, 2014, at 12 PM in the Luskin School Conference Room 3333.

Kayo Tajima is coming from Rikkyo University to make a paper presentation.

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Kayo Tajima, Rikkyo University

“A Revealed-Preference Approach to Estimate the Market Reaction to Radiation Risk in Fresh Food: An Analysis on Vegetable Price in the Wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident”


Since the Fukushima 1st nuclear power plant’s explosion in March 2011, public anxiety about food and environmental contamination related to radioactive substances has widely spread.

This article examines how the price of vegetables in the Tokyo Wholesale Market was impacted in the wake of the nuclear accident.

A hedonic regression model to estimate the coefficient on the “distance to the nuclear plant” was estimated to contrast its effect before and after the nuclear accident, using a monthly panel data on price of cucumbers, tomatoes and broccolis from each of 47 prefectures in Japan.

For all three vegetables, the price gradient with respect to the distance to the nuclear power plant was not statistically significant before the accident but became significant after the accident.

Consumers’ behavior to avoid purchasing vegetables grown near Fukushima and instead buy those grown in a distant area may explain the price gap.

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